Upstairs, enjoy an easy lunch, grab pastries to go from the counter, or join us for our aperitivo featuring small bites & negroni variations. Downstairs, celebrate everything from a special occasion to dinner with famiglia, and linger over a little food, a little wine, and a lot of laughter.



funghi rotolo
mushroom, asiago cheese, thyme
bolognese rotolo
salumi, whipped ricotta, gremolata
vegetarian rotolo
broccoli rabe, ricotta, provolone


tomato pie
oregano, olive oil, garlic
marinated mushrooms
creminis, olive oil, thyme
roasted carrots scapece
heirloom carrots, champagne vinegar, olive oil
charred long hots
garlic confit, olive oil
mozzarella pie
tomato, olive oil, parsley
roasted sweet peppers
garlic, capers, red wine vinegar
marinated olives
lemon zest, thyme, rosemary
garlic knots
olive oil, salt, parsley
capri crostini
crispy proscuitto, goat cheese, saba
caponata crostini
eggplant, pesto, garlic
whipped ricotta crostini
honey, rosemary, parsley


salumi - salami
salumi - coppa
salumi - proscuitto cotto
formaggio - gorgonzola
formaggio - castel rosso
formaggio - piave


basil, black pepper, olive oil
lemon, thyme, olive oil
fennel seed, chili flake, sage
al taglio sandwich - eggplant milanese
arugula, parmigiana, tomato aioli